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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not Himself Lately





Dawson has been going through some changes lately. I'm pretty sure he is okay...I am thinking he is having a growth spurt or possibly some new teeth coming in??? He's been tired and cranky and waking up oh so grumpy (anyone that knows Dawson, knows this is very out of character for him). He has also started to say "no" a lot, in fact, its pretty much his favorite word. I have to admit, the way he says it is so so sweet. It's just a soft no with a little shake of the head. So cute! Here he is lounging on the couch because nothing else made him happy at this particular moment. You can also see his towel that he cleans with (all of the time!). Cayden used to enjoy cleaning, but he never cleaned quite as long as Dawson does. He will do it for a half hour at a time. He has also been taking a towel to bed with him every night, I often have to fight to at least exchange the dirty one for a clean one.
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