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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Growing Up

I can't believe my baby is 1 and a half years now! I so love this age...he is still sweet, little Dawson, but he has started to really know what he wants, but has a hard time letting us know (if you catch my drift). When they are this age, it is so hard to not just laugh because the fits of "rage" are so cute. He kicked a broom out of the way today because I didn't have a clue what he wanted me to do (after he had said it 4 or 5 times). Cute now, not so cute as a teenager..i think i find it even cuter with Dawson because he really is a laid back kind of guy and so passive--we don't tell him that though! He says lots and lots of words and does a lot of teasing and being silly. He loves books...the same ones over and over and over...Cayden has never been like that. There have been a handful we have definitely read lots over the years, but he has always liked a variety, as opposed to the same book(s) time and time again. But, there is no way to say no when D smiles and lights up at just the mention of the (same, old) book. I try to explain to him the whole learning different things with different books, but he just doesn't seem receptive to that quite yet. ;) Dawson has really followed in Cayden's footsteps with his love of books and reading. (I was starting to wonder because it didn't happen as early). Cayden has begun taken an interest in the written word. He will "read" things and ask me what words say (signs, directions, etc.) and will tell me what he thinks things say and it always "makes sense". He's even begun pointing at words (no, he's not 1 to 1 matching quite yet!) and knows that the words are telling a story. It is so interesting for me as a reading teacher to watch the development and the different stages a learner goes through before they get to me. I actually think it has taken my understanding of a child's ability to learn how to read to a new level and also helped me understand the child who has such difficulty becoming a true reader. Wow, that was a tangent, huh?
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