Mothers of little boys work from son up to son down.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Thankful

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day with their friends and family. We had a great time (as you can see below) enjoying each other and, especially, the children. We are so thankful to have such amazing children in our family and don't know what we did at family get togethers before them! Hopefully I will get better at the picture layouts...but for they are:



Mom and Dad returned safe and sound from SC and went down to pick up Grammy the following day. We had a great time visiting with her and the boys last weekend and I think she
really enjoyed spending time with half of her great grandsons. :)

Jackson William Davis is 5.5 months old and the sweetest little baby! I wish he would teach his "big" cousin Dawson a thing or two about sleeping all night long. I can't complain though...he has been such an easy going baby other than that.

Cayden is thoroughly enjoying his role as the "big boy". He has a big job to do...he has "my baby" (dawson), "my jack-on", and his "sista baby" (his pretend baby sister who is actually a boy ??? figure that one out!) to watch over. He is so comical about everything and so so sweet and gentle with his little brother and cousin.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Matching Outfits

This pic cracks me up because usually we can't get Cayden to smile (let alone even look!) at the camera and Dawson is usally smiling non-stop for the camera! Don't be fooled though: often the pictures I share with others are the 1 of 25 shots in the same sitting. It is never an easy task!

Growing Up Fast

Here are the boys. Cayden is a little over 2 1/2 and Dawson is 8 months old. They are becoming the best of friends and it is so sweet to watch the development of their relationship. The jealously is long gone and I actually don't think Cayden remembers or cares about life before "baby"!