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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunshine and Summertime

Summer has only been a week long for us so far, but we sure have packed tons of fun in already. Mostly, Cayden wants to play out back with the hose, his (little) pool, and his swingset. Dawson, well, he is up for whatever big brother wants to do (or anyone else for that matter), but it is always best for him if it is outside! The boys are back to good health after back to back pneumonia and stomach flu (yuck!). Cayden is doing awesome with the bathroom thing, he's an old pro. We still put pull ups on him for nighttime, but most mornings he wakes up dry and he never has accidents during the day, which makes us very proud. Its something you just think won't ever happen, then, all of a sudden, you've got a "big boy". As you will see in the video, Dawson has taken right after Cayden with his dance moves. They LOVE to dance and it gets pretty crazy and wild, but, as you can see, we feed right into it! Dawson just had his 15 month check up and we were told that he is "more like a 2 year old" developmentally. Now, I know how to take that, BUT, it still makes you proud to hear things like that. He wants to do everything his brother is doing and has even began to give back the teasing Cayden gives. He will take things from him and run as fast as his tiny legs will take him (looking back laughing, of course!. Cayden starts swim lessons up at the rec pool next Tuesday. We have visited the pool and talk about it every time we drive by and he SAYS he will do it, but some past experiences have me wondering. I really hope so because he loves the water so much and is at an age where I won't necessarily have to be right next to him in the pool ( I am sure there will be lots of days when he wants to swim and mommy doesn't!). Our house selling hasn't started out all that great. I just am holding onto the fact that what happens is what is meant to be, we just NEED a bigger home. I love this little house and all the memories we have made here, but we are so ready to move on. Just please keep your fingers crossed for us and send anyone who wants a home that has had a lot of love and time put into it our way! I'll try to keep this blog a little more current since I will (theoretically) have more time this summer! There just seems to be so much more to do now that I'm not teaching and, of course, I can't get next school year off my mind and work daily on that, but that's a given with me. Hope to be in touch with everyone personally sometime this summer and I hope this finds all those we care about in great health and ways.
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Lisa said...

Your boys are precious. I can hardly believe how big they are getting...and what fun you must have. The movie certainly shows how much they enjoy each other. What a great chronicle of their lives.

Love, Lisa