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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cayden and Baby


Things are going great with all of us. School is coming to a close and summer is finally here. We have our house on the market (yes, i know, again!)and have all of our digits double crossed. It is so hard not knowing what your future holds...when will it sell...where will we go...but our goal has been to be settled where we want to be by the time Cayde has to go to kindergarten, so I think we can meet that goal at least. Where do we want to be? Ideally, in a much larger, newer home that has some land and a garage and 2 bathrooms and a workshop and a playroom...and a...and get the idea. We will find something, somewhere when the time comes. Wish us luck!
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Shasta said...

Cute Pictures, glad everything is going well and hope to see you this summer! Love Shasta