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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Baby is 1!

(The pictures start down at the bottom and go up- oops!)
Dawson had a great (little) party. He didn't feel so great, but he is such
a trooper, you'd never even know he was coming down with a bad cold.
This top picture is him at the end of the party---post frosting in the hair (hence the mohawk if you look closely). He is sitting in his very own new chair which I'm sure he will grow to love as
much as Cayden has loved his since he was a little older than D.

We have to be very close by because he is also a monkey who seems to think he is invincible.
I've caught him and not caught him about equal times. Falling never stops him, he gets right back up and climbs again! Speaking of --- is Dawson walking yet? Well, that is up for debate...he all but walks by himself. He is fine as long as he is touching even the tip of one of my fingers, but, other than that, he will drop himself after 2, sometimes 3 steps. Why walk when you are such a great crawler?

I'm pretty sure that none of the cake ended up in his mouth. Dawson loves exploring with spoons that have food in them, of course! He had cake all over himself, but most of it ended up in his hair.

Hard to believe our sweet little babe is one now!

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Judy said...

Such cuties. I love the picture of Grammie with all the boys. Love, Judy