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Monday, February 18, 2008

Updates on the Miner Boys

Here they are....I know I have been slacking on my boys' blog. I've had a few people mention it, so I thought I'd better get on it! The boys are doing great...we just had their check ups today(Cayden's 3 year and Dawson's 1 year!!!!) 2 hours later...we left knowing that they are both on track for their growth and very healthy, happy boys -- so not really much new info. It was fun having Cayden perform all of the assessments. He was just so funny about it (drawing a line and circle, jumping over a paper, balancing on one foot, etc) and acted like such a big shot because it was all "just so easy" for him. He knows he is the big brother and "helps" Dawson through his check up (kind of funny for those of you who know Dawson and how laid back he is about anything including shots!)....but Cayden really loves showing his "baby" the ropes! Cayden did cry (I mean tears and all) when he found out that he wasn't getting a shot this time and he didn't want to leave ("I wanta stay here, mommy!)...the nurse said she'd never had a child cry because s/he couldn't get a shot. First time for everything...leave it to my little man! We'll see how his first dental appointment goes on Friday...we've been reading tons of dentist books and he says he is excited!
Speaking of little is the little charmer...still loving life and just being happy to be AWAKE...which he seems to be A LOT...if you get my drift. Let's just say he definitely does not have the sleep habits his brother has had practically since he was born. He requires so much less sleep than Cayden does (even now)...he is down to one hour (give or take) nap a day and loves getting up at the break of dawn (to spend time with his mommy, of course!)...oh, and did I mention he enjoys a midnight feeding too? Good thing he is so absolutely adorable, lovable, and snuggly! :)
Cayden is working on the whole potty training thing and I guess (depending on who you asked) he is doing well. He will usually willingly go on the "potty", but would never suggest it on his own. He sometimes gets so tired of us making him try and says, "I wanta diaper", but then needs it to be changed immediately if he pees in it. The doctor assured me that he is right on track and it will undoubtedly happen all of a sudden when he "gets it". We all can't wait for that day-one baby in diapers will be a financial blessing for sure!

"He's not looking...I'm just going to take one fry...he'll never even know!" He's such a stinker! Of course Cayden is practicing sharing with his's just so hard sometimes! He goes back and forth between, "no, baby, that's mines!" and "we all share, right mommy?"

This was Cayden's Radio Flyer walking wagon that he got for his first Christmas from Grammy and's been quite interesting since we got it back out for baby to practice walking (that sharing thing again). Dawson gives Cayden rides in it, too! He took right off walking with it the first time he saw it. He'll be walking on his own after his birthday probably just like his brother did.
Well, there you have it, my quick summarization of the goings-ons of my baby boys...Thanks for coming to check us out...xxoxo

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