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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Time For Everything

Attention: The Tables Have Turned

(well, for this moment anyway....)

As most of you are probably aware, my little ham Cayden is surprisingly camera shy (although that isn't actually how I describe it....). Ever since he was a bit younger than Dawson, I have gotten literally 100s of pictures of the side of his face and the top of his head. I have to take tons of pics of him to get any that he is looking/cooperating and I have to use any means of trickery available. The few pics on this blog or that anybody has seen are quite misleading because he looks to be very cooperative and happy to be posing in (most) of the pictures....well, these are the 1 in 100 that I have taken. All I can say is TG for digital photography...I am saving all of the turned-head, eyes-closed, covered-face pictures as proof for when he is older, looking through the albums and saying, "you liked dawson better, you have way more pictures of him"...Well, that is because little D has known exactly what to do for a camera from the moment he was born it seemed. He can be in a grumpy, fussy mood (rare, but, yes, it happens once in a great while)-- just take out the camera and he is beaming his toothy faced, chubby cheeked grin. So with all that said, I find these pictures quite ironic and a bit funny, too! In fairness to "baby", Cayden was just about over their strange type of flu that hit them last week and Dawson was right smack in the middle of it. I know I probaby should've laid off the camera for once, but I couldn't resist the rosy red cheeks they both had and, as you can see, Cayden was ready and willing.......for once..... :)

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